Green Eggs and Ham
By: Dr. Suess
Page developed by: Melissa Rainey


    This story starts out with Sam-I-Am running through the hall disturbing the storyteller while he is reading.  The storyteller says he does not like Sam-I-am at all.  Then, Sam asks him if he likes green eggs and ham.  The storyteller says he does not like that food either. 
    Sam asks him if he would like to try the green eggs and ham here or there, in a house or with a mouse, and in a box or with a fox.  But the storyteller is stubborn, and still says he would not like them anywhere.  Sam-I-am tells him to try them, because he may like them.  Then, Sam-I-am asks the storyteller if he would like green eggs and ham in a car, on a train, in the dark, or in the rain.  This still doesn't convince the storyteller to try the meal, and he says he still dosen't like them. 
    Finally, Sam-I-am asks him if he would like them with a goat or on a boat, and the storyteller gives up and tells Sam that if he leaves him alone, he will try them.  The storyteller tries the green eggs and ham, and realizes that he likes them very much.  He names all of those places and things that he would try green eggs and ham with, and thanks Sam-I-am for making him try them.

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