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By: Melissa Rainey


    My name is Melissa Rainey and I am doing field experience to earn my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.  The school I am working with is Cook County Preschool, and it is located in Adel, Georgia.  It is a developing school full of young Pre-K students ready to learn.   I am very excited about working with Mrs. Kelly Felts, and her paraprofessional, Miss Rita.  Their class consists of 19 students who are all well-behaved and remind me of exactly why I am becoming a teacher.   I am very much looking forward to continuing my first field experience with this class.
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    The reason why I like Mrs. Felt's classroom is because she makes the atmosphere well-organized, disciplined, and comfortable.  I am looking forward to working with her on some of her assignments as a teacher, as well ass some of my assignments as a preservice teacher.  The children are perfect because they listen well, and still have fun.  There are a few who tend to misbehave sometimes, but altogether they seem to be an easy class so far.  I think that this class is very special to me because I clicked very well with Mrs. Kelley, and all of the students.  They listen to me like I am thier teacher, and pay attention to me when I am trying to help them or teach them something.      

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