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Melissa Rainey


Welcome!  My name is Melissa Rainey.  I am twenty years old, and aspiring to be a kindergarten teacher.  I have a very loving family, including my mom, dad, and my sister, Megan.  I love music, my friends, and traveling.   My goal in life is to live for the moment, love every minute, and not have any regrets.  I am very strong-willed, a good listener, caring, and open-minded.  I love watching football, cats, playing basketball, driving, shopping, reading, and sleeping.

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My true love is traveling around the world.  I have visited many places around the United States, including Las Vegas, San Fransisco, and Washington D.C.  I have studied abroad in the Czech Republic, where I also visited Poland and Austria.  I had a chance to see Auschwitz, which was heartbreaking, as well as life-changing.  I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and then moved to Virginia and Orlando.  After preschool in Orlando, we moved to Miami, Florida, where I was raised from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  Finally, we moved to Atlanta, at the beginning of my high school career, and I lived there for four years.

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I am now a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education
Program here, and plan to graduate in Spring of 2005.  I live in Remerton, which is a smaller town inside of the bigger town of Valdosta.  I love the laidback atmosphere here, and the campus is beautiful.  A smalltown college is just where I wanted to experience my college life.




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