Be on Fire for Fire Prevention
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Cornelius's Kindergarten class at Berrien Primary,
By Melissa Smith, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Imagine waking up to a bright orange glow in your home.  What is the first thought that would pop into your mind?  Many of you would think fire.  Then, you would try and think of the first thing you should do.  On this TopicQuest page, I hope you will learn quick and easy tips for you to follow in the event of a fire.

music notes
Let's sing a song!
Come here and join me in a fire safety song!
fire escape plan
Come and plan an escape route
Let's get together to help get you out!
fire hydrant
Visit me to see do's and dont's!
Be aware of dangers that surround you!
Let's play a game with Elmo!
Elmo wants you to learn about fire and fire safety!
Roll into this cool website!
Let's say the three magic words: Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Visit me to learn some new information!
I want to teach you about fire safety!


Would you like to take a journey with me?  I want us to explode into fire safety.  On our journey, you will visit my TopicQuest page.  Then, you will look at each of my links.
You will find a very special website.  Here, you can make a special project for me.  Are you ready to explode into a firey journey that will lead you to being fire safe?

Mission Steps

1. Come in and visit my TopicQuest page. 
2. Look at each of my links.
3. When you get to the Come and plan an escape route page, you will read the assignment and create an escape plan out of your home.
4. Then, you  will present you escape route in front of the class.

webpage pig
Come Visit My Homepage
email man

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