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Georgia Performance Standard
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   Georgia Performance Standard
    SSKE1. The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier,
                 farmer, doctor and teacher


    I chose to do community helpers because the trades these people do are very important to the function of our community. My students may want to be one of these people "when they grow up", such as a famer, doctor or a soldier. I beilieve it is important to know who these people are and how important their jobs are to each and every one of us. The purpose of this webpage is to help children understand what each person does in their specific jobs.

    Web Sites
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  This website is an interactive question and answer session about the life of a farmer and his farm. Students may choose wether to be one of two famers and depending on the kind of farmer chosen, are what specific questions they are asked.

   This website from the U.S. Department of Homeland Secuirty allows students to interactively learn about home fire safety, smoke alarms and esacping from fire. It also provides fun activities such as crossword puzzels, word searches, coloring pages and interactive games.

    This website teaches students about what a doctor does an what they need to do to stay healthy. Students can learn about everyday things that a doctor deals with, the people, place and things taht are helpful when we are sick, a glossary of medical terms, games and much more!

This website is filled with a coloring book that tells about police officers. It not only give a picture for kids to color, but also provides tid-bits of information of what police officers do in out community and how they are our friends. The worksheets tell what police officers do in our neighborhoods, their uniforms, how to dial 911 and so much more!

This fun and tasty website talks about what a baker does and the different things taht are made in bakeries. Students can find out how bread and cakes are made and try all kinds of fun a baker!

This website helps students understand that going to the dentist should not be scary! It shows what dentists do and how kids should take care of their teeth. Students can play games, look up information about the dentist, look up words that relate to the dentist and much more!

Topic Activities
1.  Title: Community Collage
2. PLO: The student will learn about different professions in the commuinity and the tools of their trades
3. Integration of: Language Arts and Art
  1. Allow students to look through magazines to find pictures of community helpers.
  2. Provide students to cut out the pictures, ask them to find some pictures while the person is doing their job.
  3. Have students collage all the pictures they cut out in a creative fashion.
  4. Using the websites above, allow students to navigate through the websites to learn what the community helpers do and write a peper uning Mirosoft Word about the people in their collage and what they do in their jobs.
5.  Product:  Students will create a paper discribing community helpers and what they do and povide a collage with pictures of people doing their trade.  
1.  Title: Make a hat and badge
2. PLO: The students will learn about what the police officers, doctors and dentists wear while at work.
3. Integration of: Art
4. Procedures
  1. Students need to refer to the websites:  DoctorDentist and Police Officer and find pictures about what they wear while on the job.
  2. Using construction paper, cardboard, poster board, markers and craft supplies creat the things  that dentist, doctors and police officers wear at work.
  3. When students make their badges, hats, ect., call them up one by one to present who they are and they made and why.
5.  Product:  Students will create the supplies used by community helpers. 
1.  Title: Making a an escape route
2. PLO: Students will create an esacpe route for their house in case of a fire.
3. Integration of: Art and Language Arts
  1. View the fire safety website to learn about escape routes and smoke detectors, Fire Safety.
  2. At home discuss the following questions with parents and create an esacpe route out of your home in case of a fire. 1.  Does your home have a smoke detector?

    2.  Does the smoke detector work?

    3.  Are all matches and lighters in a place where
         small children cannot get them?

    4.  Do you know that no one should play with matches?

    5.  Is the telephone number for the fire dept. near the phone?

    6.  Do you know how to call the fire dept.?

    7.  Are all electrical cords in good shape, not worn or

    8.  Are all cords our of children's reach?

    9.  Do you keep newspapers and other things that can catch fire
         away from stoves and heaters?

    10.  If there is a fire will each person in your home know
          where to meet outside?
  3. Create a drawing of your house from an arial view drawing lines from each room and how to get out.
5.  Product:  Will learn safety tips in fire prevention and in case of a fire. An escape route will be created for the family.


                                    Software Reviews

Published by Inspiration Software Incorporated
The software program kidspiration is a spinoff program of inspiration. It allows kids to make creations such as graphic organizers, to connect ideas, and organize inforamtion. students can be used when learning about community helpers to make a char of the different kinds of careers and what each entails.
Kidspiration is designed to create graphic organizers or writing projects for students from kindergarten to the fifth grade.This is a student, teacher and parent friendly program that offers many choices for students to indiviualize their creativity.  a few problems can be  anticipate when using this program, its a tedious porgram to work with and can not be published on the internet. overall, this is a great program for the classroom and at home  Check out the virtual tour for more information.

Microsoft Word
Published by Microsoft

Students can use Microsoft Word to create papers, newsletters, essays and letters. This program allows students to put their thoughts on paper in many different ways. this can be used to write a letter to a community helper where they live, asking them questions about their profession and thaking them for what they do. Many other activies are great to create on this easy to use program.
Microsoft word is a great tool for any person young or old. starting kids at a young age on this program will do wonders for them in the future. THis is a vital program to understand if you are a student. One of the biggest things to make sure you know how to work while using this program are the automatic settings. There are automatic spelling correctors, grammar correctors and capitalizaition correctors. Overall a great program!

Microsoft Powerpoint
Published by Microsoft

Students can use Microsft Powerpoint to create slide shows and presentations. This program allows students to creatively pull together a presentations with amazing colors, fonts and graphics. Students can use this program to create a slideshow on the different professions in the community or on just one profession and have a detailed presentation.
Microsoft Powerpoint is a great program. The only forseen problem is that younger children may have a problem running this program by themself and may need assistance from a teacher or parent. Overall a great program, very helpful when presenting information.

                                                                    Storybook Weaver Deluxe
                                                               Published by The Learning Company
Storybook Weaver Deluxe is a software program that assists children in creating stories. This great writing tool adds pictures and sounds to make stories more fun to create and to read. Students can use this program to create stories about what they want to be when they grow up, using many creative resources that are at their fingertips.                                                             
Storybook Weaver is a great program for kids ages 6 and up. It is a great program for both the classroom and at home, it is very easy for the kids to use. The only problem is that this program is not compatible with all computers and the graphics don't show up on all computers. Overall this is a great program that provides a fun, interactive experience for every child.

What's The Safest Thing to Do?
Safety Tots International Ltd.
This software program is a great way for children to learn what to do in dangerous situations. Students follow this interactive game with characters know as the Safety Tots and take part in situations that could be potentially dangerous. This could be used to allow students to see what happens in an intense sitaution and figure out the proper community helper to help them out.
What's The Safest Thing to Do? is a great program for kids age 4 and up. This is a great interactive experience that is creative enough to keep the child's attention, but realistic enough to teach them a good lesson. The only know problem with this porgram is that it is not graphically compataible with all computers. Great program to teach very valuable life lessons!

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