Adventures Down on the Farm
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was
developed for Mrs. Whitman's Pre-K class at Cook County Primary School

Designed by Megan Adams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

farm animals


Visit KidsFarm to learn about cows. 
What kinds of food do cows eat?

Visit CyberSpace Farm to learn about Kansas farm animals. 
How many different breeds of pigs can you name?
Learn how to care for horses. 
Can you pass the quiz?

Visit Snayfwickby Farm with Bella. 
Can you recognize farm animal sounds? 
Take the quiz to find out!

HANDSOME HORSES Real-World Activity
Today, Miss Megan's class is taking a trip to a horse farm!  While we are there, we are going to learn about the different grooming utensils used on horses.  After we have learned how to keep a horse clean and happy, we are going to groom our own horse and make him ready for the race!  Then we will draw a picture of our well-groomed horse.

Steps for HANDSOME HORSES Real-World Activity
1)  Today, we will be taking a PRETEND trip to a horse farm.
2)  Visit the HORSES ALL AROUND website and discuss with your partner the different kinds of brushes that are used on horses. 
3)  Look at the examples of the brushes and other equipment that you will be use to groom your own horse.
4)  Watch Miss Megan's demonstration of how to use each of the tools on the stuffed horse.
5)  Try to use each of the tools on your own.  If you have trouble or don't understand how to use a tool, ask Miss Megan for help.
6)  On the paper provided, use crayons to draw a picture of your horse after it has been brushed and cleaned.  Model your drawing after the stuffed horse on which you practiced grooming.  Make sure you include pictures of each of the brushes you used.  Draw arrows from each brush to the part of the horse on which you used them.
7)  Make up a story about why you are grooming your horse.
8)  Show your drawing to Miss Megan.  Tell her your story so she can write it at the bottom of your picture.

Topic-Related Literature Activity

click, clack, moo

Click, Clack, Moo Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

 1. If the cows didn't have a typewriter, what are some other ways they could have let Farmer Brown know what they wanted?
2. Imagine that the pigs got to use the typewriter.  What kind of notes do you think they would leave for Farmer Brown?

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