Fire Safety

This TopicQuest was designed for Mr. McCaffrey's class
by Megan Fitzgerald
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Fire is very fascinating but can be very dangerous! We all need to know how to be safe around it!  You will learn that fire safety can be fun and exciting. What would you do if there was a fire in your house? Would you know how to escape?  Do you know how to cook safely?  Use the following links to learn about fire safety

1. Let Smokey the Bear teach you about preventing fires.
2.  Use this checklist with Hershey to see if you are practicing safety with fires at home.  
stop drop and roll
3. The Fire Avenger Website shows you what to do in case you are in a fire!
4. Learn how to make a Fire Escape Plan so you can get out of the house quickly and safely.
sparkey 5.   Come play games with Sparky!

6.  Become  a Jr. Fire Marshal so you can teach your friends how to be safe, too!

Mission Activity

Oh no!  Pretend there is a fire in your house and you need to get out.  Draw your house and two different ways you would escape the fire from your room.  Be careful.  Remember to stay low and hurry!

Mission Steps

  1.  Read the website about Fire Escape Plans.
  2.  Draw a picture of the inside of your house.
  3.  Use red to draw a line from your room to the outside.
  4.  Use orange to draw a second escape route out of the house.
  5.  List a few rules that need to be followed to escape your house

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