Waiting it Out
Paint Picture and Story
designed by Megan Fitzgerald
Let's Explore the color GREEN!


Waiting it out


Smoke burns my eyes

As it shifts downwind

I lean forward

And grab my stick again


Marshmallows lay on the picnic table

They’re damp from moist air

The lake reflects the moon

And fish dance inside the glare


Crickets make music

Deer begin to slumber

Rain smack our tents

As it begins to thunder


The lake begins to boil

And waves greet the shore

We continue cooking

As we had been before


The sky shows its anger

As clouds begin to form

We smile and buckle down

Preparing for a storm


Drops turned to buckets

Waves began to grow

The once steady breeze

Finally began to blow


After it was over

And clothes are sopping wet

We knew the camping trip

Would be one we won’t forget


And when the beach was dry

When it turned to day

The seagulls began squawking

As we go to soak up rays

Critical Thinking:
Tell me about a time when you went on a trip...
1. Have you ever been camping? (Introduction)
2. Where did you go and what did you do? (Setting)
3. Besdes a thunderstorm, what else could happen while camping? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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