A Pointe in the Right Direction
Designed by Meshea Cook

this is a black and white pictures of the feet of dancers in their point shoes.

   a picture of myself and my friend with the savannah river in the background    a black and white picture of myself    a picture of me, my cousins, and my grandmother

    My name is Meshea Cook and I attend Valdosta State University where I am an Early Childhood Education Major. My relationship with Christ is the center or who I am and I strive daily to become more like Him. I also enjoy dancing, cooking, and reading in my spare time.  I am from Valdosta, so I started and finished my education locally in the Lowndes County School System.

    When I think back on my educational experiences, I consider myself very blessed. I had the opportunity to be taught by some amazing teachers. That along with the joy I find in learning, has given me the desire to teach. I am extremely excited about the prospect of helping to build and shape fresh, young minds for the future!

    In preparation for teaching I have found a few helpful websites for parents. Scholastic has a great website that helps with reading.
Here is another good website that offers a variety of different activities for elementary students.

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Ways I can Integrate

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Social Studies
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Math Arcade

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Morton Subotnick's
Creating Music

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