This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Curry's Kindergarten class at Cook Primary School
Designed by Melissa Tuggle, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


letter A

It is important for students to know what each letter looks like and this website helps them learn that.


This website has a silly alphabet song that helps students learn the different letters and words that start with that letter.

letter B

This website lets students guess what the picture starts with and then tells the students what the picture is.

letter C

This website lets students put letters with endings to make new words.


This encyclopedia website is a great site for students to learn more about phonics.

Mission Activity

Today you are going to be a writer.  You will start your very own phonics book.  Your job is to pick three letters of your choice and write the letter capitol and lower case.  You will also write some words that begin with that letter and then draw a picture of the words.   If you click here, you can view an example of each letter and how it is written.


Mission Activity Steps

1.  You will first look at the websites listed above. You will learn different things about each letter.
2.  While looking at the different websites be thinking about three letters you want to write about.  You will then pick three letters to put in your phonics book.
3.  You will come to the table and write the three letters, words, and draw pictures on construction paper.
4.  Then you will share your book with your classmates.


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