The Art
This Integrating Technology eBook was designed & developed for
Ms. Mixon's American Literature & Study Skills Classes
@ Douglas County High School


Georgia Performance StandardELA10LSV2 The student formulates reasoned judgments about written and oral communication in various media genres. The student delivers focused, coherent, and polished presentations that convey a clear and distinct perspective, demonstrate solid reasoning, and combine traditional rhetorical strategies of narration, exposition, persuasion, and description.
a.  Analyzes historically significant speeches to find the rhetorical devices and features that make them memorable.
d.  Identifies logical fallacies used in oral addresses (e.g., attack ad hominem, false causality, red herring, over generalization, bandwagon effect).

Primary Learning Outcome: Students will recognize logical fallacies and rhetorical devices found in their daily lives via commercial advertisements.

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