Thansgiving Adventure!
This Topic Mini-Research Page was developed for
Mrs. Dalton's Pre-K Class at J.M. Odom Elementary in Moultrie, Ga.
Designed By: Mandy Hampton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you want to know what the pilgrims
and their Native American
guests ate at
the First Thanksgiving feast
Thanksgiving is on its way! Do you want to
 know about Thanksgiving?
Click here to find out more information.

Do you know why
 we celebrate Thanksgiving?
On this website you will learn all about Thanksgiving.
pilgrim What did the Pilgrims Wear?
Let's find out by looking at this cool
website about Pilgrim clothing. Click here to find out more information about Pilgrim clothing.

Topic Mini-Reseacrch Real World Activity
Imagine you are a Pilgrim and you are going to be at the Thanksgiving dinner. Do you remember what Pilgrims wore at the Thanksgiving dinner? Click here to help remind you what people and the Thanksgiving dinner looked like. Here is another example. Decide what you are going to wear. Draw a picture of you as a Pilgrim at the Thanksgiving dinner. What will you have on? Will you have a hat, skirt, pants, shoes on?

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Click here to remind you what the Pilgrims wore. Here is another example of Pilgrim clothing.
2. Decide what outfit you are going to wear.
3. Draw a picture of your outfit.
4. After you draw the picture of your outfit label or dictate to the teacher the name of the person you drew.  
5. Turn your paper in to Mrs. Mandy and she will display your picture of your outfit on the Internet.


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