Let's Explore Living and Non-Living Things
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Evans' Kindergarden class at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Melissa Barfield, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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There are many ways we can tell if something is living or non-living. Let's explore some of these ways!

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One of the ways we know something is living is that it breathes. How do we know that it is breathing?

ocean cartoon

There are many living things in the ocean. Let's explore different living things that live in the ocean!

Non-living things are also found in the ocean. What kind of non-living things could we find in the ocean?

cartoon animals

This is a website that will tell you different things about animals. Are these animals living or non-living?

Mission Activity
    Now that we have learned many things about living and non-living things, we are going to have an activity. Let's pretend that your teacher told you to bring in 2 living things and 2 non-living things. We are going to draw a picture of what we are going to bring in.  You can use the information we learned today to help you decide what to draw.

Mission Activity Steps
1. Think about what you learned today about living and non-living things.
2. Decide what two living things and what two non-living things you are going to draw.
3. Draw your picture of these things.
4. Try writing beside the drawing what you drew a picture of.
5. We will discuss your pictures and tell the class what you would bring for show and tell.

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