The Rainbow Fish
By Marcus Pfister

Picture and Story designed by Michelle Backes

    The story begins in the deep, blue sea where the beautiful fish lives.  The rainbow fish is decorated with many beautifully, colored scales on his body.  His scales are shades of blue, green, and purple.  Some of his scales are a shiny silver color that glitter in the ocean water.  These shiny, glittery scales are the rainbow fish's most prized possessions. The rainbow fish was very proud of his shiny scales.

    Because the rainbow fish was adorned with such beautiful scales, he became very proud and selfish.  He was consumed with his outward appearance.  He refused to share his shiny scales with other fish in the ocean.  This left him with no friends or admirers.  Suddenly, the shiny scales did not seem so important. So, the lonely fish seeks advice from the wise octopus.  The octopus tells rainbow fish to give away his beauty and "discover how to be happy".

    As the rainbow fish gives away some of his scales, he begins to feel different.  He learns that sharing what he has with the other fish brings him happiness.  The other fish in the sea also accept him now.  The rainbow fish has truly found his generous heart, which was once hidden by pride and selfishness.  He has discovered the real value of personal beauty and friendship!

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