World of Weather
This TopicQuest was designed for Kyle
By Malcom Davis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever been in a thunderstorm? Have you ever seen a tornado? Does the crack of thunder give you chills? Do you ever wonder what causes some of these natural wonders? This is all part of the wonderful world of weather and it all works in a complicated fashion maybe this site will aid in understanding weather.

 National Geographic for Kids has an interesting story about lighnting and has some really good pictures.
 Have you ever want to be able to predict the weather? Well if you check out this site you won't need to and type in you ZIP code.
hurricane Ever wonder how a hurricane works check out this site and you can learn more about it.
Did you ever wonder just how powerful tornadoes can be or how much damage they can cause?
Have ever wonder what rain is or where it comes from? Rry this site to learn more.
Want to learn the basics of snow or build a virtual snowflake try out this site.

After exploring this site you should have a vast knowlege of the world of weather. Now you are going to pretend you are a meteoroligist for the day and you will have to do a weather report on the six o'clock news. What you need to do, is go outside and look at the sky. Determine what the weather is like and make a prediction of what it may be like tommorrow.  Then come back in and draw a picture of what the weather is like.

Mission Steps
1. Using the website type in your zip code and check the local weather for your area.
2. After doing so, go outside and look at the sky see how it compares to the forcast you just saw.
3. Now you need to draw a picture of the weather you observed outside and make a prediction for tommorrow.
4. Next, you need to write out the report that you will use on the news.

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