Malcom's Horsepower Heaven
Designed by: Malcom Davis
Malcom's Z-28

My name is Malcom Davis and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree from the Early Childhood and Reading Education Department. I am part of the 2004 South Georgia College Cohort and should finish up my degree in the Spring of 2006.

Since I have been about 16 years old working on vehicles has been a hobby of mine. I now own a 2002 red Chevy Z-28. I got this car on Feb. 5th of 2003. In 2002 Genenal Motors stopped production of what they called their F-body line. This included the Camaro Z-28, Firebird, and the Trans Am. The particular car that I purchased is a 35th Aniversery Edition and was one of the last Z-28s to roll off of the GM assembly lines. After purchasing the car I began to modify to fit my taste. Since I love to go fast that is exactly what I am making my car do, go fast. I have managed to accomplish alot of what I have done with help of a group of people from my favorite website LS1 This website has several forums with a variety of information to help with anything a person could want to do to one of these cars. I used this forum to decide on several of my modifications for the car which include a TSP clear induction lid, TCI 3500 converter, and a Strange 12 bolt. Here are some other pics of my car and some of my other favorite F-body pics.
my z-28 LS1 my z-28

launch nitrous trans am
Since I am such a car enthusiast one place that I have been to recently was South Georgia Corvettes in Thomasville, Georgia. This performance shop is owned by a man named Aaron Scott. He has been working on Corvettes now for about the past 20 years. He said "it started out as a hobby in my back yard and now has evolved into my life." I saw some of the most rare Corvettes ever built three of which Mr. Scott owned.

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