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2 cheetahs walking towards each other
    I received my Art Education Degree from Valdosta State University in 2005 and returned in 2009 for certification in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked as a temporary Art Teacher, then later as a finishing artist of wildlife. My work involved scenery and animal finishing, which drew heavily on my art background. I loved it, but all along I missed the classroom and the day-to-day interaction with students. As an artist, I could make little real difference in anyone's life. As a teacher, I feel that I can do much more, and what I do will be more meaningful.  So I came back, bringing animals with me!

    The animal pictures on this page are from exZOOberance.com, which has both general viewing pictures of all types of animals (terrific for kids) and free pictures you can download for illustrations, etc. It's also really fun for adults to look at! Also included for teachers are links for busy teachers who could use help with lesson plans and activities and teachers whose students need math or reading help. For student activities, scroll down to the Student Resource table, or click here.
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    Below are student-oriented sites with educational games and activities. Some of them offer tutorials in more than one subject, so if you don't see the subject right away, click on the appropriate grade level, and you should find what you need. I personally found Kidport and Kidsknowit (parent site of kidspast) to be especially good. If you wish to contact me, please click on the email address or icon at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
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