Discovering Thanksgiving
 The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Kay's Kindergarten class at Cook County elemntary School
Designed by Melinda Cook, a Valdosta State Universtiy Preservice Teacher

thansgivijmg dinner

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male pilgrim What do you think Pilgrims wore?

Discover what Pilgirms wore and the proper name of thier clothing.
Who attended the first Thanksgvining?

Would you like to have been at the frist Thanksgiving?
Discover the history of our yearly feast!
squash Can you think of a Thanksgiving food for each letter of the alphabet?

Decide if each food given would have been eaten by the pilgrims..
cooked turkey How do you think Pilgrims prepared thier food for Thanksgiving dinner?

A photo and description of how the Pilgrims cooked thier food for thier Thanksgiving dinner.
indian corn
State in your own words the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Check out the meaning of Thanksgiving according to the encyclopedia.

Mission Activity

    Imagine that you are a part of  the very first Thanksgiving Day. As a Pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving you are dressed in the appropirate clothing. You are to help fix the first feast for your colony.

    What are you wearing? What will you Fix? Who is coming? Use the sites above to discover what your first Thanksgiving would look like. The History Site will be expecially helpful.

    Draw your experience and describe it to your teacher as if she had never heard of  the Pilgrims first Thanksgiving.
Mission Activity Steps

1. Review two or  three sites to discover the first Thanksgiving.  Including the Clothing site   and the History Site.

2. Decide what you would be wearing as a Pilgrim and then draw a picture of you in that outfit.

3. Decide what foods you would be preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner and who would be coming. Draw a picture of this happening.

4. Present the pictures to your teacher and explain the pictures and events.

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