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    My name is Molly Michalak. I am 21 years old. I attend Valdosta State University, and I am in my first professional semester in the Early Childhood Education Program. I grew up in the Atlanta,Georgia. It has been my mom and I since I was little. I have a very small family and love spending time with them. Education has always been apart of my family. My grandfather was a high school principal and football coach. I have always found education to be an important part of growing up and learning about the world around us. I currently live in Valdosta to attend school and have really grown to love the small town feel. I love being around my friends. I have many friends that have always supported my decision to become a teacher and some of them have decided to become teachers, too.

    I love making things so I included a link for a great website for 
arts and crafts . I think that is one reason I decided to become a teacher. As a child I loved to make things from construction paper and as I have grown up I love to scrapbook.

    I found two websites that have a lot to do with helping students to learn throught arts and crafts and other resources. The first is
Enchanted Learning. This site includes crafts that teachers and parents can do with their children. The second site is a helpful site for teachers. It allows teachers to find helpfu
l resources to use in the classroom.

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