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Thank You for Visiting My Web Page! I Hope My Resources are Beneficial to You!

    My name is Mandy Lundquist and I am a Junior at Valdosta State University. I am just starting my Early Childhood Education classes this semester and I am looking forward to going into the schools and actually putting what I will be learning to good use! After graduation I wish to become a Kindergarten teacher. I have always been interested in teaching in a private,christian school because I feel that the smaller environment fits me better!
    My faith is a characteristic that defines me the most, however, I also have my  family, roomates, best friends, and sorority sisters to acknowledge for making me the young lady I am today. All of these influential people in my life are shown in my pictures below. I am a very active girl that enjoys running and playing tennis. Tennis is a favorite activity of my whole family and I have been around it my whole life. As a little girl I took lessons at Lost Mountain Tennis Center, and participated in several matches and tournaments. If you are interested in tennis I strongly urge you to get involved in a tennis center like I was! Photos, animals, and a variety of music genres are other important interests of mine.
    I feel that I am a very outgoing, caring, and fun person, which will help me to be the best educator I strive to be! I am excited to be able to teach in a generation where technology is such a key factor. I have witnessed that children of all age groups are fascinated by the internet and computers, which allows for learning to take on a new level. I have searched for a variety of educational children websites that  make learning fun for kids! The Scholastic Book Website helps teachers search for award winning books as well as  best sellers, and it allows for children to find out more about their favorite books by engaging in games and videos. Coloring has always been a favorite activity of mine, and children love to express themselves whether it's by using crayons, markers, or paints! The Crayola Website is a great tool to refer to when searching for up to date coloring sheets and creative craft ideas for your classroom. Please enjoy exploring through my webpage and using all of my resources! I am hoping that I can use them with my students through the years and find many more beneficial websites. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at the bottom of my page!


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Starfall Website For Pre-K to 2nd Grade Children!
MATH! Simply find Your Grade and Then The Topic You Want to Practice With!
National Geographic For Kids Games!

Musical Games Galore!