Pre-K Gone Wild

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Clemon's Pre-Kindergarten Class at Hahira Elementary School by Mollie Griffin, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


     Welcom to Pre-K Gone Wild!  Have you ever thought about all the wild animals in the world?  Have you ever wondered what the fastest animal in the world is?  There are all kinds of different animals in the world.  Check out all of my websites to learn more information about the exciting wild animals in our world. 

Animal Land
     This child-friendly site offers interactive information on careers, animal care, and general information about animals.   It  has music too.
Kid's Go Wild
     This site helps children learn about all aspects of animals and wildlife conservation through this site sponsored by The Wildlife Conservation Society.
      This website was designed to tell all about Cheetah's characteristics.  It has many interesting facts about a Cheetah's life.  It is very educational for children.    
Animal Pictures
     This site allows you to view pictures of all kinds of animals.  You can print them out and then label and color them.  This website also tells about the animal.
     This website lets children know all about the reptile, called a snake.  It has pictures of snakes and  lots of information about a snake's life.   This is an online encyclopedia.
wolf Animal Cameras
      This website allows children to see real live pictures of animals in the zoo.  This website also explains what the animals is doing in the picture and it gives important informationa about the animal. 
     This website begins with a newspaper account of a disappearing tiger, this is interactive game that teaches a great deal about tigers. Connects to the searchable tiger information center.  This is great for children. 

Animals from A-Z
     This site has birds, mammals, marsupials, and reptiles form the list that leads to detailed photos and information. Part of the Oakland (Calif.) Zoo at Knowland Park.
Explore Animals
     This site allows children to explore all the different animals and lets them see what it takes to take care of the animals.
Games about Animals
      This site allows children to play games.  Kids can help a spider catch food by answering questions correctly.

Scenario Mission
Imagine for the day, that you are a scientist, and that your main focus of the day is to find out all the information you can about your favorite wild animals life.  Your mission is to educate the world about your favorite wild animal.  This Animals A-Z website will help you.  After you find all your information  (what the animal eats, looks like, acts like, how they care for their young, predators, and interesting facts) draw a picture of what your favorite animal looks like and then write or explain to me an interesting fact you found in your research about your animal.  I will write your fact on your paper.  Your picture will be published on the Internet.

Mission Steps
1.  Imagine that you are a scientist. 
2.  Use the Animals A-Z website and the other websites above to help you  come up with information about your favorite wild animal.
3.  Draw your own picture of your wild animal and write or tell me an interesting fact about your picture for me to write on your paper. 
4.  Your teacher will publish your picture on the Internet.

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