Charlotte's Web
By: E.B. White
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Mollie

 paint picture

Wilbur was the runt out of all of Mr. Arable’s pigs.  Mr. Arable wanted to kill the pig, but Fern begged and convinced him not to.  Fern started taking care of the runt; she named him Wilbur, and fed him every morning before school.  Wilbur was Fern grew closer and closer as the days past.  Fern’s uncle, Mr. Zuckerman bought Wilbur for $6 dollars when he turned five weeks old.

 Wilbur was very lonely at Mr. Zuckerman’s barn.  There were other farm animals there and it was a good place for Wilbur to be raised, but Wilbur missed Fern.  Fern still visited Wilbur but she couldn’t visit everyday.  Templeton was a mouse that was mean to Wilbur.  Templeton would eat Wilbur’s food during the night. 

             Finally, Wilbur met Charlotte, a spider, who became his best friend.  Wilbur worried about getting killed for food because he was a pig, and Charlotte always made him feel better about himself.  The spider started writing wonderful messages about Wilbur in her web.  People traveled from all over the country to see her messages about Wilbur.  Wilbur became famous and he traveled to the County Fair, in September, and won first place. He wanted Charlotte to come but she had to lay eggs.  Charlotte sadly died, but Wilbur saved her sac in his mouth. In the spring the eggs hatched. All the baby spiders left but three special spiders stayed with Wilbur.  They were a great reminder of their mother.

Critical Thinking Questions

             1.  Why do you think Wilbur and Charlotte are best friends?
             2.  What do you think Wilbur named the baby spiders

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