The Worst Person in the World
Book by James Stevenson

Paint Picture & Story Designed by Catherine Dees

Worst with Ugly on a sunny day

In a messy old house lived a grumpy, unhappy old man.  The man hated birds, flowers, and children.  He never wanted to be around other people and he surely did not want any friends.

One day the man met the ugliest creature in the world.  Ugly was very kind and he really wanted to be friends with the man.  He cleaned up the man's house and offered to help throw a party for all the neighborhood kids.

The man got mad at Ugly and told him to go away! After Ugly left, the man began to think about how mean he was to Ugly and about how fun a party could be. He left his house and found Ugly and the kids.

Critical Thinking Question

Why do you think the man went to find Ugly and the kids?

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