Harvest Time!
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Thigpen's Pre-K Class at Lake Park Elementary School
Designed by Meghan Cassidy, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.



1.  Autumn is a special time of year.  Autumn is sometimes referred to as "Fall."  Here is an encyclopedia's definition of this season.
2.  Have you ever wondered why the leaves change color in the Fall?  Click on the website to find out why!
3.  Have you ever wondered why so many leaves fall down to the ground?  This website shows you exactly why leaves fall.
weather 4.  The leaves are not the only things that change during Autumn; the weather changes as well.  The days are crisp and short.  Click on this website to see what the current weather is right here at Lake Park Elementary School.
5.  Leaves can change into many different colors.  Here is a movie that will show you the different colors.
6.  Feeling a little bored?  Here is a website that shows a fun activity that you can do in your own backyard!


Mission Activity

     Today, we are going to create our very own Autumn book!  We will each make our very own Autumn picture where we will put it in a book and keep it in the classroom!  First, we are going to examine different leaves from several different deciduous trees located in the Autumn Leaf Scrapbook.  These trees are known as deciduous because they lose their leaves in the fall.  Then, we are going to examine each leaf.  You will have the opportunity to draw your most favorite leaf in your most favorite color.  You will then be asked to share what the leaf is, what color the leaf is, and if you have seen the leaf in real life.
    Go examine the different leaves and don't forget to have fun! 

Mission Activity Steps

1.  Examine the different types of leaves with your teacher.

2.  Discuss what you like about the different leaves.

3.  Draw the leaf that sparks your interest in your most favorite Autumn color.

4.  Dictate to the teacher as to what type of leaf it is, what the color is, and if you have seen it before.

5.  Give your pictures to the teacher to scan and publish on the


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