Good Morning, Chick
Written by Mirra Ginsburg
Pictures by Byron Barton
Picture and Story Designed by Miranda Barrineau

Good Morning, Chick

One morning a fluffy chick was born.The chick had a yellow beak and yellow feet.  The mother chicken's name was Speckled Hen and she loved the fluffy chick very much.
Speckled Hen taught her baby chick how to eat worms.  When a big black cat got after the chick, Speckled Hen hid the chick under her wing for protection. 
The chick watched a rooster crow and tried to do it too.  The chick was unable to crow and fell into a puddle of water.  The chick was wet now so Speckled Hen warmed the chick until he dried out and was round and fluffy again.  How would you have helped the baby chick get out of the water?


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