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Welcome!  I am Miranda Barrineau from the small town of Bainbridge, GA, which is located about 80 miles west of Valdosta.  I am currently attending Valdosta State University while working on my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Reading Education.

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I do not have much spare time for myself away from my friends and family.  Although when I do have time, I like to spend it traveling.  I have never been out of the states (although I would love to soon), but I have seen breathtaking sights at the places I have been.  My favorite state to visit is Tennessee.  It is beautiful and very relaxing.  Nashville and Gatlinburg are only two of the cities that amaze me and I recommend everyone to visit.  I love these places because they are relaxing, which is a necessity to my everyday life.  Leading such a busy lifestyle requires me to do this.  Water, mountains, and animals are only a few things that is relaxing to me. 

Rolling Hills                      Waterfall                    City lights of Tennessee                                                                                        

I am also a seminole fan.   GO FSU!!


                    Seminoles' horse-Renegade                                                                                                                 Collage of FSU players      

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