Exploring the Planets
This TopicQuest was designed for  my special students that I'm teaching this summer
By Brooke Wright, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Have you ever thought about how spectacular all the planets are?  They are all so different from one another! We live on one of the nine planets, Earth! Do you know about all the characteristics of the planets and our solar system? Each planet is unique and special! Let’s study the planets! Besides, without planets, we wouldn’t have Earth to live on!


1. Our planets have several qualities about them! Click here to explore the nine planets!


2. Many astronauts go into space in rockets to find out information about the solar system! Let’s blastoff into space and discover our solar system!


3. Each planet’s day varies in the amount of time it takes to complete a day. Click here to see how long a day is on each planet!


4. No two planets are exactly the same! Click here to learn about Earth or any other specific planet!


 5. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system! Visit this website to see a list of more  cool facts about the planets.

solar system

6. A planet is a very interesting thing! It is made up of many different materials! Click here to visit the encyclopedia to learn the definition and history of the planets.


Congratulations! You have just been chosen by NASA to have to opportunity to visit any planet in our solar system! Which planet would you like to visit? Once you return from your adventure you will be asked to describe the planet in detail. The article will be put in the paper for every state in the USA and you will also be interviewed by several news stations and broadcasted on TV! While visiting outer space be sure to take plenty of pictures and a notebook to write down your notes! This is a very important experience and you don’t want to leave out any detail! Have fun!

Mission Steps
  1. Visit the site to discover which planet is the most interesting to you!
  2. Choose the planet that you think would be the most fun to visit!
  3. Write a paragraph or two describing the planet and why you decided to visit this planet!
  4. Draw a picture of you exploring the planet!

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