A "Quest" Into Education
Designed by Marquest "Quest" Leonard

My name is Marquest "Quest" Leonard, and I am currently 22 years old.I attend the best school in the nation Valdosta State University. Valdosta State University is located in the southern most tip of Georgia. Recently I was accepted into the Early Childhood and Special Education Program at Valdosta State University. I can tell that I will like this program because the teachers here are lovable. In addition to that, they are real easy to get along with.

While in an elementary school in Valdosta, I was given a few websites that are helpful in the elementary level. The first one was Starfall. I have seen the website, and I liked it. It has a lot of things that move and it is eye catching regardless of age. Also, the color is something I feel is age apprpperite for elementary school students. Another great website for teachers is Carl's Corner. When the teacher suggested this to me, it seemed very interesting. When I got to the site. I realized that it is very welcoming. I love the bears on the page are cute and very unique.

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