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Hi! You have reached the webpage of Melissa Warr. I am a Deaf Education major at Valdosta State University. I will graduate in May 2010 with a Master's degree. I plan to return to Bainbridge, GA to work in the Decatur County School System for at least 4 years. I have previously worked with several of the students there and I absolutely love them.



As a junior at Bainbridge High School, I participated in a program through Valdosta State University called the Teacher Apprenticeship Program. It is a two year program that helps young students learn a good deal about becoming a teacher. In the first year of the program, we had lessons for the first semester about different aspects of education. During the second semester, we went to different K-8 classrooms for 2 week intervals and worked with the students and teachers. When the first year was finished, we were able to become an active participant in one classroom for the entire next year. At first, I wanted to be in a middle school math class. Then I found out about the Deaf classroom at one of the elementary schools. I called the school and asked if I could be an apprentice in that particular class. The principal and teacher said yes and here I am today on my way to becoming a certified teacher of the Deaf. You can visit my online portfolio from my high school experience at Melissa's Portfolio.



I greatly enjoy traveling. Growing up, I traveled with my family a great deal. I've been to a lot of U.S. cities including Jamestown, Williamsburg, New York, Washington. D.C., Chicago, New Orleans (pre-Katrina), St. Louis. I have also traveled to a lot of states including but not limited to: New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South/North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

I have also traveled to Tampico, Mexico and all over Europe. I went to London, Dover, Amsterdam, Cologne, down the Rhine River, Boppard, Rhineland, through the Bavarian Alps, Austria, Lucerne, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and finally to Paris. I traveled on a tour called A Taste of Europe.

In my spare time, I enjoy camping, snorkeling, skiing, sewing, swimming, reading, and playing at parks. I recently went camping and snorkeling at Ginnie Springs in High Springs, FL. See a slideshow of pictures here.  I also enjoy taking pictures with friends. Here's another slideshow of me and my friend at Grand Bay.



As a teacher education major, I take time to visit websites that I think are helpful to my near teaching career. One site that I find helpful is abcteach. This site is full of interesting ways to work with students, worksheets, helpful tools for teachers, and much more. A second website that I go to for advice is Teachnology. This site has a ton of free downloads, classroom materials, graphic organizers, educational games, teacher resources, worksheet and rubric makers, and a lot of other goodies for those in the teaching field. Check it out if you need anything!

london signslondon signslondon signs



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