Lets Unite For America!!!

All over Lake Park Elementary there are flags flying and red, white, and blue every where. Now  it is time to get those flags flying in Ms. Reeves room.  It's time for the students to get rowdy and loud.  Lets get our red, white, and blue crayons and get to coloring for our country. Scroll on down and learn how!!

            This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Reeves' Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School by Amanda Jones, a Valdosta State University Pre service Teacher.



The Scholastic Site.  Do you think about 9-11?  This site will help you cope with the affects of this bad day. Patriotism, do you know what the word patriotism means?  This neat web site will help you understand what it means and it will tell you about some patriotic holidays.
The US Flag, Do you know what the US FLag looks like and what colors are on the flag?  This web site will teach you about the colors of the flag and what it looks like.  Do you know why we celebrateIndependence Day?  This fun web site has lots of fun things to do and great info!
Want to learn what the words patriotism, America, and history mean?  Check out this cool online encyclopedia. Do you know how to say the Pledge of Allegiance?  This really fun web site shows you the different versions and you can get your teacher to help you learn both versions.
Have you ever wondered how our government is able to control the United States of America?  This really cool web sites shows you how. This really neat web site is dedicated to children who have had a hard time dealing with the September 11th attacks.  Visit this web site to learn how you can help. 
This web site has really cool poems and essays that some children who were affected by the attacks on America.  Check this out to see how other children feel. Learn about one of the famous forts in America:  Fort Henry.  At this really cool web site you will learn how America's National Anthem came about.





     The President of the United State of America is coming to your city for a new holiday named Patriotism Day.  The President has asked everyone in the city to create a new flag.  The President has asked me to guide you along on this task. 
     He wants to pick a new flag.  He is going to look at everybody's flag.

     Do your best and create the best flag that the United States has ever seen.  To help you create a great flag, the President has asked Betsy Ross, the lady that made the official flag, to help give you some ideas.  Have a good time creating and good luck.

Mission Steps

 1.  Explore with your teacher the Betsy Ross web page, you will use this to help you draw a flag. 
2.  Use whatever you can find in the classroom to decorate your flag.

3.  After you are done with your flag drawing, give it to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

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