The Grouchy Ladybug
Eric Carle
Designed By: Amanda Jones

    One morning as the sun came up, a friendly ladybug came in looking for food.  She saw a leaf with bugs on it.  As she decided to have them for breakfast, in flew a grouchy ladybug.  She too wanted them for breakfast.  The friendly ladybug offered to share the bugs with the grouchy ladybug, but the grouchy ladybug was to stingy to share.
    She challenged the friendly ladybug to a dual.  The friendly ladybug accepted, but the grouchy ladybug got scared and decided to fly off.  Then she met a yellow jacket and challenged him also, but then she flew off again, too scared to fight.  As the day continued, she approached many different types of animals and bugs.  She even meet a whale.
    And as she did with the nice ladybug she challenged them to a dual.  At the end of the story, she flew back to the leaf that she first started on, and the friendly ladybug was still there.  The friendly ladybug decided to share the bugs that were left.  After the grouchy ladybug got her belly full, the two ladybugs drifted off to sleep.

Critical thinking Questions:

1) What would you do if a classmate would not share and tried to pick a fight?

2) Would you rather be the grouchy ladybug or the friendly ladybug?  Tell why.

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