Let's Get Ready To Fall for Learning


Lake Park Elementary School
Lake Park, GA


I have a wonderful class.  My mentor teacher is Ms. Reeves.  She is wonderful teacher.  When she walks in the room the children know exactly what to do.  She does a good job of keeping the students on task.  The students are very well behaved.


Lake Park Elementary is a wonderful school.  They are very goal oriented and on track.  The school seems to be into everything.  They are involved in every aspect of the children's life.


The parents are also a very big and important part of Lake Park Elementary School.  They are there every minute of the day.  The parents are "always on call!"


The best part about my class is that the children are wonderful.  They are the sweetest little angels.  They each have their own personality.  They are all very bright children.  I love working with these children.  They all are so loving.


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