Amanda's Home Page

Hi!  My name is Amanda Jones.  I am a student at Valdosta State University.  My major is Early Childhood Education.  I love children so I think that I will be well suited for the job of a teacher.  I have recently moved to Valdosta from Cairo, GA.  I also graduated   from Bainbridge College in May 2002.


London, England is one of the places that I have traveled to.  This was the first and last time that I was on a plane.  Although it was worth a plane ride to see London.  While in London I visited many neat places.  I was able to see Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, and part of the Queen's Castle.  I also got to watch the changing of the Guards.  I also visited many beautiful gardens.  I have also been on two cruises.  One to the Bahamas and the other to Key West, Fl.  We were supposed to visit Cozumel, Mexico but a hurricane chased us back to port!


I am an only child with the exception of the family pets.  We have a Yellow Lab named Dixie, a chihuahua named Taco Bell and a white furrball named Kitty.


As you can probably tell one of my favorite hobbies is racing.  I spend most of my Saturday nights watching my boyfriend, Jeremy, race his Legends Car.  I also really enjoy Nascar.  I have been to two races this year.  I went to Talladega in April and Daytona in July.  I also watch almost every race on T.V.


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