Turkey Day!

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Griffin's Kindergarden Class at Pine Grove Elementary School
Designed By Marilee Stone, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Pilgrims and Indian First Thanksgiving


What do you know about Thanksgiving?
Click here to learn all about the story.

Do you want to know what the pilgrims and their Native American guests ate at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Travel back to Plymoth and discover what the first celebration was actually like!

Additional site on the first Thanksgiving.

silly turkey
Do you know how to read?

The Silly Turkey can help!

(This site works best when used with Internet Explorer.)

turkey Have you ever seen a turkey?

Lets see what fun facts you know about turkeys!

Mini-Research Real World Activity
Pilgrim hat and leaves
Visit the website about The Story of Thanksgiving . Imagine your friend does not know anything about Thanksgiving. It is your job to tell him all you know about this holiday. Pretend that you are going to travel back to the first Thanksgiving. You are going hunt with the Indians for food and eat with the Pilgrims. When you return, you will draw a picture for your friend that will help him understand Thanksgiving.
2 turkeys      Steps For Real World Activity      2 turkeys
1. Look at all of the websites and learn as much as possible. 
2. Visit the website about The Story of Thanksgiving.
Imagine that you have been to the first Thanksgiving.
4. Using the information you gathered, draw a picture about Turkeys or about
    Thanksgiving. This picture needs to help your friend learn about Thanksgiving.

5. Dictate facts about the Thanksgiving picture.
6. Give you drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

Topic Literature Activity
The Very First Thanksgiving Day
Rhonda Gowler Greene

The Very First Thanksgiving

Topic Literature Activity Using Critical Thinking Questions

Pilgrims and Indians feasting

The Story of Thanksgiving
B. Critical Thinking Questions
1. What are some things you think the Indian and Pilgrim children did together?

2. What are some skills the Indians taught the Pilgrims to do?


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