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        Hey, my name is Marilee Stone. I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am starting my first professional semester for Early Childhood Education. I love children and I am very excited about teaching the children of our future! I am originally from Moultrie, GA. Traveling is a favorite past time of mine. I have traveled to the beautiful state of Hawaii, overseas to Scotland, London, and the Bahamas. The beach is my favorite place to go to during warm, sunny months, but I also like to travel to the mountains in the winter when it is cold and snowing.

frogs crawling                 frogs crawling                 frogs crawling                 frogs crawling

          Playing sports has always been something I really enjoy. My favorite sport to play is soccer. I played on a soccer team from the time I was in fifth grade until I was finished playing in the twelfth grade at Colquitt County High School. I also like to play softball, basketball, and touch football. Playing any active game is always fun.
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         I have found some very helpful websites for teachers. One is the Georgia Learning Connection. This is a great site to find interesting and effective lesson plans. Another is Scholastic. Scholastic has online activities, lesson plans, teaching strategies, and much more.
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Frog jumping
Student Resources
Ways I Can Integrate Technology

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LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research & Literature Website
big frog eating little frog
Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
crazy frog
Topic Literature Lesson Plan
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Electronic Reading Activity
frog jumping
The frog is catching a fly.
Inspiration Concept Map
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