Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving!!
This TopicQuest was designed for Dr. Dees Kindergarden Class at Cyattville Elementary School

Designed  By Maria Ramos, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher
thanksgiving feast

Do you know when the first Thankgiving was?  Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?  Read all about it here.
turkey hunting
A turkey is found at most Thanksgiving meals.  What do you know about Turkeys?
the Mayflower
How did the pilgrims get to Native America?  Learn more about the Mayflower.
Find out about the first Thanksgiving meal.  What did everyone eat?
How did the pilgrims dress?  Explore what their closets may have looked like.
running turkeyrunning turkeyrunning turkey
Mission Activity
Today, we are going to pretend we are cooks for the first Thanksgiving meal.  We need to prepare a menu for our guest using pictures of each item because all Pilgrims and Indians may not speak the same language.  Let's review the what foods may have been there.

Mission Activity Steps
1.  Choose at least three foods to include in your menu.  Two of them should be items that were included in the first Thanksgiving meal.  One of them should be an item that was not at the dinner.

2.  Fold your paper in half and write, "Menu by your name" on the front.  You may decorate the front however you like.

3.  On the inside, draw and color pictures of the foods that were included in the first Thanksgiving meal.

4.  On the back write, "Sorry, we do not have...".  In the rest of the space on the back cover, draw pictures of at least on item that was not included in the first Thanksgiving.


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