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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hill's Kindergarten Class at G.O.Bailey Primary School by Meg Matthews, a Valdosta  State University preservice teacher . 

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Spring into life by discovering all the exciting ideas that involve the season Spring!  Baby animals are born, plants begin to grow, flowers are blooming, and everything is full of life.  Explore fun websites about Spring.  Then challenge yourself with the "Make a Plant Parts Salad" mission. 

What's all the BUZZ about!  Bees are on the go in Spring and this wonderful website will tell you all about them.  You can also learn about a bee's most important job; making honey!
Baby animals are born in the Spring.  Baby animals have different names then their adult parents do.  Go to this great site to learn more.
Bugs are important in the Spring.  They help out flowers and plants by scattering pollen all about.  There are many different kinds with many different jobs.
What is red with black dots?  Or is it black with red spots?  Use this website about Ladybugs to tell me which one it is.
One of the tiniest birds becomes active in the Spring.  Hummingbirds are beautiful little creatures.  This fun site is informative and full of activities.
Plants grow in the Spring.  Do you know the parts of a plant?  Test your knowledge here.
Who is the favorite bunny to see in the Spring?  It's the Easter Bunny! Go to this site to read about the story of the Easter Bunny.  It's home page is full of bunny info. too.
Butterflies are interesting and fun to watch.  This site is just for kids to learn more about these amazing insects.
Frogs are full of  fun in the Spring.  This special site details all our frog friends in Georgia
Plants are the fastest growing things to be seen in the Spring.  Learn about the different parts of a plant and which parts are eaten the most!
Parts of the plant are labeled and defined at this site.  Use the dictionary to learn more!

Scenario Mission

Here is your exciting mission.  Find out all you can about a plant's different parts.  Leaves, stems, flowers, and  roots, are all examples of parts of a plant.  Gain more knowledge from the plant parts game.  Think about yummy parts of plants we might eat.  Now we will combine those plant parts to make a great treat.  We'll make a plant parts salad.
Once you have learned how to make this salad, you can try making it at home with real vegetables.  Show your mom, dad, or grandparents how you can eat healthy by eating different plant parts!
Mission Steps

1.  Learn about the parts of a plant.
2.  Look at plant cut-outs.
3.  Label the different parts of the plant.
4.  Combine the different parts to make a salad.
5.  Glue or tape the cut out vegetables on the paper plate.
6.  Take pictures of your creation to view on the computer.

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