Goodnight Moon
By Margaret Wise Brown
Page Designed by Meg Matthews

gooodnightmoon picture
    This is the story of a good little bunny who is getting ready bed.  He puts on favorite blue and white striped pajamas.  He snuggles down in his warm bed, and begins his nightly routine of telling all his special things "Goodnight". 
    It is easy to remember to tell the things in his bedroom "Goodnight".  And when he looks out the window he can see the giant moon staring back at him.  He must not forget to tell the magical moon "Goodnight" too.
    All the the kittens and all the little mice, and even teh old lady whispering "Hush" are ready for bed now.  The good little bunny lays his sleepy head down.  All he hears now are the noises of the night.  Goodnight moon, Goodnight air, Goodnight noises everywhere.
Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If  you were a part of this story, what special things in your home would you include in your "goodnight" routine?
2.  What do think happens at the end of the story after all the lights are turned off and everyone is tucked into their beds?
     What do they dream about when they fall asleep?

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