Learning About Bears
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Cindy Wall's Kindergarten Class at Cook County PreSchool
by Ashleigh McGauley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Since your class has been reading the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, would you like to know some facts about real bears? If you do, click on the links and learn all about them.

8 different bears

a picture of new born bears
Would you like to know some facts about baby bears? Would you like to know how little they are or what they look like? If so click on this link and find out.
What do you know about bears? Would you like to know somemore? Click on this link and learn some facts about bears.
bear eating
What do you think bears eat? To find out, click on this link.
two bears
Would you like to see the body of a bear up close and learn about his body features? If so click on this link.
bear in tent
What should you do if you ever come across a bear in the woods? This link will tell you what you should do if you ever see a bear.
bear dancing
If you would like to know more about bears or any other animal, click on this link to link you to an encyclopedia.

Mission Activity
I hope you have learned something new about bears. Now I want you to pretend that you have to draw a picture of a bear for someone who has never seen one. Draw your bear doing an activity that comes natural to him such as, climbing a tree, fishing or eating. Also tell the person some things he should or should not do if he sees a bear in the woods. Explain your picture to your teacher.

Mission Steps
1. Look again at the description of a bears body and draw a picture of a bear. If you need to look at more pictures, click on this link.
2. Describe how you are going to draw your bear and what he will be doing.
3. Describe your bear to your teacher.

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