Welcome to the Jungle
Designed by Ashleigh McGauley

a picture of many zoo animals

Hello! My name is Ashleigh McGauley and I am a junior at Valdosta State University  (VSU) where I am working on my Bachelor's degree from the  Early Childhood & Reading  Education Department. In May 2004, I graduated with my Associates of Science degree from South Georgia College in Douglas, GA. This is my first semester at VSU.
monkeys hanging on a tree

    I was born in Valdosta, GA on March 20, 1984. As a child I lived in a small town called Jasper, FL where my father and family still lives.  When I was in the eighth grade, my mom married my wonderful stepfather and we moved to Douglas, GA. I attended high school and my first two years of college in Douglas. I could have stayed at South Georgia College and finished school through VSU, but I wanted to be on my own for the first time. I do not know where I want to teach when I finish school, but I do know that I do not want to go too far from my family. As you can see, I like zoo animals and I especially love monkeys. I enjoy going to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA  and looking at the animals!
dolphin swimming

    In the summer I enjoy going on vacation with my family. In the past few years I have been to many fun and interesting places such as: the Bahamas; Hollywood, CA; Las Vegas; Nashville, TN; and many beaches. My favorite place that I have visited is Hollywood, CA. There I saw many famous places that I have seen on television and in magazines. I never would have imagined getting to see these places for myself, but I did. I got to see the Hollywood Sign, Mann's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and I took a Movie Star Tour of Homes. I encourage anyone who goes to Hollywood to visit these places!!



panda bear

monkey smiling big


a smiling monkey holding his ears