If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Author Laura Numeroff
Page designed by Allison Lowe



This is a story about a boy and a mouse.  The mouse wants a cookie and when the boy gives him a cookie it leads to a long list of other things the mouse will want to have.

The mouse first gets a cookie and he asks for a glass of milk to go with it.  Once he has gotten the milk he asks for a straw and a napkin. After he has finished drinking and eating the cookie he wants to check for a milk mustache so he now needs a mirror. When the mouse is looking in the mirror he notices that he needs to trim his hair. So he wants a pair of scissors.

 After trimming his hair he notices he has made a mess on the floor so he wants a broom to clean up his mess.  When he gets the broom he gets carried away and he ends up cleaning the entire house.  When he is finished cleaning he is tired and he wants to take a nap.  The boy makes the mouse a bed and a pillow and reads him a story. 

The mouse looked at the pictures in the book and then wanted to draw a picture.  The boy had to get the mouse paper and crayons and the mouse drew a picture.  When he was finished with the picture he wanted to display it in the house.  Once he finished this he realizes that he is thirsty and asks for another glass of milk.

The story ends with suspense. The author does not  say what the mouse will ask for next.  It leaves you to wonder and predict what you think will happen.   When he gets another glass of milk will he ask for a cookie or something else to go with it?

Critical Thinking Questions:

1.  If you could change the mouse to any other animal  what animal would you choose and why?

2.  If you were the mouse would you ask for the same thing or would you want something else? Why?

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