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This Curriculum Web is designed for second graders studying Habitats/Biomes. Georgia state standards require students to become familiar with different habitats and biomes around the world. All students are expected to complete various activities to gain an understanding of the different biomes and plant and animal life. The students will be able to recognize different habitats and the plants and animals living in them.

Learning Objectives:

The students will be able to identify characteristics of different habitats such as, desert, woodlands, ponds, and streams. The students will be able to match animals to their different habitats. The students will put plants in the correct habitat based on its needs.

Prerequisite Skills:

The students need to know the basics of working with computers. They need to know how to maneuver from one website to another. The students need to have a basic understanding of how to use links on a website to guide them and access activities and assignments.

Suggestions for Students:

Always use the Back button to go to the page you came from. When printing activities forms from the internet, make sure you only click the print button once. You  may want to click on File and then Print and specify the number of copies. Each group member will need a copy of each sheet to be completed.

blue butterfly
different colored butterfly
multicolored butterfly
Activity 1
orange butterfly
red and black butterfly
Activity 3
pretty butterfly
Activity 4

Assessment Plan


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