Paradise in the Coral Reef
This topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed
 for Mrs. Holt's third grade class at Ben Hill Elementary School. 
Designed by Melissa Gayton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacherocean scene

ocean scene What is a coral reef?  Are coral reefs
 animals, minerals, or a vegetable?  Click on Ocean World to start researching.  Then find the question and click forward to answer.
ocean scene
How do coral reefs start out life?  Go to Coral film to see a picture.  Go to Coral Film and read how they start.
ocean scene See if you can figure out how many main types of coral reefs there are.  Classroom of the Future will help you find the answer.
ocean scene
Where are coral reefs generally found?  Find the answer at the University of California.

Coral Reef Real World Activity
Calling All Deep Sea Divers

Today we are going on a deep sea dive to the Coral Reef.  We will explore the coral reef and find out what they are, how they begin, and where they live.  The Ocean World web site will provide all the information and pictures you need to help during your dive .

Steps For Your Deep Sea Dive

1  Go to Ocean World and look at the picture of the coral reef.

2.  Write in your journal a description of the coral and where it is found.

3.  Draw a picture of a coral reef.

Sunrise scene

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coral reef

Topic Mini-Reseach Lesson Plan
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