Flowering Knowledge
Designed By: Monique Cook

60's Peace Love and Happiness Poster

My name is Monique Cook and I am currently a sophomore at Valdosta State University. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education in  the Early Childhood and Special Education Department in hopes of becoming a Kindergarten teachers. I am from the metro Atlanta area and plan on teaching there upon my graduation!

Me dancing

I attended Southwest Dekalb High School where I participated in many school activies and programs including dance, gymnastics, soccer, Spanish Club, Honors Society and many positions in Student Government.. My favorite thing to do is dance and my senior year I became captain of the dance team. You can watch me dance in many videos posted on YOUTUBE!!


Some websites that I have found useful and may be of help to teachers and parents are Sites for Teachers and Scholastic Teacher. Both of these sites can assist in creating ideas, lesson plans, and assisting students.

three pair of rainboots

My Information Table
Rainbow peace sign
Ways I Can Intergrate Technology
Grafitti of peace love and happiness
Heart surrounded bu the words peace and love
Smiley face surrounded by flowers
Mini-Research Lesson Website
Four different color flowers
Mini-Research Lesson Plan 1
sunflower with the word flower in the middle
Mini-Research Lesson Plan 2
Cosmic Flower
Future Web Page

Peace sign with flowers around it
Future Web Page

Multicolored hand making peace sign gesture
Future Web Page

Student Fun and Educational Links

Social Studies
Colorful books with sky background
The numbers 1 2 and 3
Colorful flower
map of united states
Music note
Count On
Weather Puzzles
United States Map
Rainbow Piano

several hands connecting to make a peace sign