Living or Non-Living?

This TopicQuest was designed for Mr. Tyrone's Kindergarten Class at Hahira Elementary School. Designed By Margaret Ann Blanchard, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

sunflower                             pencil               
                                                              LIVING                                                                    NON-LIVING

How do you know if something is living or non-living?
These websites will help you learn the difference.

Click on the picture for websites to help answer the questions.

Does your desk need food and water to survive?

Does your desk grow?

Do your books breath?

Are these books alive? Do they move, grow, or eat?


What are the 7 characteristics of living things?

Do butterflies move?

What four things do trees need to live?

Do you need water to live?

This website will give you information on living things.

Mission Activity

Imagine that you are going to have show and tell at school. Your teacher asks you to bring three living things and three non-living things to show the class. What would you bring? I will give you a sheet of paper with two sections (living/non-living) for you to write down the name of each living and non-living thing you would bring to show and tell. You will draw a picture of each thing you would bring. To help you get some ideas, look at this website.

Mission Activity Steps

1) Start thinking about the living and non-living things you know about.
2) Look at the websites above as well as here.
3) After you look at all the websites and know the difference between living and non-living things, start writing down the six items (3 living and 3 non-living) you would bring to show and tell.
4) Draw a picture of each item you would bring to show and tell next to its name.
5) We will discuss your pictures and share them with each other. I will also be putting your drawings on the Internet.



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