Great Ocean Critters
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Perryman's 1st grade class at Vereen Elementary School in Moultrie, GA.

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    Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of the vast ocean depths. Strap on your scuba gear and your imagination as we embark on a journey in search of some of the most extraordinary and dangerous ocean creatures ever discovered. Explore different websites created for a variety of animals from stingrays to great white sharks, but enter the water carefully, because you never know...................what lies beneath!

great white
 Shark Anatomy
Did you know that sharks have three rows of teeth and no bones? Well they do and if you want to learn more about sharks go to the link above.
Dangers on the Reef
Would you like to see pictures of the  creatures that inhabit the Coral Reef. Check out this cool website for them!
lion fish
Lions of the Ocean- Lionfish Photos
I bet you didn't think that Lions lived in the ocean? Well not that kind of lion does, but there is a different lion that calls the ocean home. Check out this site to see if it ROARS!
sea turtle
Sea Turtles
Think that the turtles in Finding Nemo were cool? Check out this site to see if they talk too!
The Octopus Show
Do you know how many tentacles that an octopus has? Well you need to go to this site to find out.
The Fish Tank
These fish live in a tank, but it is a HUGE one. Their tank is the ocean. Click above to learn more.
 Deadly Pacific Sea Snakes!
Did you know that snakes also live in the ocean as well as on land. These are some of the most venomous snakes in the world,  and  they do bite!
Nova Online-Island of sharks
Did you know that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be attacked by a shark. For more fun facts visit the website above.
Dolphins Research Center
Check out these smart and playful creatures at the website above. These ocean creatures actually have warm blood and breath air just like you.
The Clown of the Ocean- Clownfish
Did you know that these fish actually live in poisonous anemones for their protection against big predators? They do. Find out more interesting facts about these colorful fish at the website above.

Mission Statement

We are 20,000 leagues under the sea in a submarine.  Your job is to put on your scuba gear and explore the bottom of the ocean.  See how many different sea creatures you can find!  First, go to this website to help you identify the sea critters you may find. 

Grey Moray

Once back on the submarine your job is to draw the different creatures you saw.
1.  I will give each of you a piece of blue paper.
2.  Using your crayons, draw the pictures of the sea creatures that you saw while exploring the ocean.
3.  When you are finished we will identify and label the creatures that you have drawn.
4.  After discussion you will turn your paper into the teacher so he/she can post it on the Internet.

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