The Very Quiet Cricket
Author: Eric Carle
Page designed by Luke Key


        The very quiet cricket is a multi-sensory and multi-experential book that helps children learn through rhymes and bold, colored art. The cricket is extremely quiet and has trouble expressing himself. He encounters many opportunities to return the greetings of  a variety of insects that greet him first but he just can't get it out. The cricket continues on through life wishing he could talk. One day  the cricket matures and meets a beautiful female cricket who astounds him. He lets out a loud chirp and it is the most beatiful noise that she has ever heard. This is an excellent book to help children learn about who they are and how they can mature and express what they have inside. The vivid artwork and rhyming patterns keep childrens attentive and intrigued to the end.

Critical Thinking Qestions
1. Why was the cricket so quiet?
2. Why did the cricket have trouble expressing himself ?

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