Exploring the Solar System
This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Brook's 2nd grade class at Northside Primary by Lacy Cargle, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

solar system

           Have you ever wished that you could be an astronaut? Have you ever stared at the stars and wondered how far the Solar System actually goes? In this site we are going to explore different sites that will allow us to become familiar with the Solar System. We will be able to take a virtual tour  of the Solar System and be able to see where the planets are and how they are placed from the sun. I hope you enjoy this site and maybe this will inspire you to dream about the stars and make going to outer space a reality.

Would you like to learn about the Solar System? Well then NASA has a web site for kids just like you! All you have to do is click on this  Planet link and be prepared for an adventure into space!
 The nine planets are different from each other. If you would like to learn about each one in depth, then you should click on this Nine Planets link.
Have you ever wished that you could go into space? This web site allows you to take a Virtual Tour of the the solar system.
Would you like to see what other students your age think about the solar system? Go to this Solar System web site to find out.
Our solar system can be very interesting to learn about. Try this site to find out about comets and asteroids.
Ever wonder about the planet Jupiter? Explore this site to learn about it.
How many rings does Saturn have around it's body? Explore this site to find out!
neptune Do you think that Pluto gets lonely? Find out here.
Do you know how far Uranus is from the sun? Well let's learn about the planet Uranus  and how far it is from the sun at this web site.
Are you interested in how comets ? Check out this site to find out more. You might even find famous comets.

Scenario Mission
Let's imagine NASA has ask us to take a trip through the solar system and report back to them. We need take a trip to each of the planets. First we have to know where the planets are. If
you need help remembering, go to this site for help. Your mission is to cut out the planets and paste them in the correct order that they appear from the sun.

How to complete your Mission:
1. We will look at some of the web sites above to refresh our memory on the Solar System.
2. After we have become familiar with the planets and their order, using scissors, we will cut out different size construction paper circles that will represent the planets.
3. Then we will paste them on a piece of poster board in the correct order from the sun.
4. Once you have completed the Solar System picture, we will take a black marker and draw the orbit lines connecting the planets around the sun. You will then give the solar system that you have completed back to the teacher so that she can take a picture and put it on the Internet.

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