Froggy's Halloween
Jonathan London
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froggy's halloween

    Froggy is a frog that loves Halloween. Froggy is so excited about Halloween that he starts planning his costum a whole week before Halloween.  He thinks about being a Super Frog, a Ghost, and a Vampire.He can't decide. So he everyday he goes home to carve pumpkins, hang stickyspider webs, and even practiced what he was going to say when Trick-or-Treating.
    All week at school he is unable to concentrate. His teacher Miss Witherspoon has to remind him to keep his mind on his work. Finally he chooses on being Frog Prince the morning of Halloween. That day at school they had a Halloween parade and all the girls thought that Froogy looked cute, especially Froglina.
    That night Froggy went Trick-or-Treating with all of his friends. Froglina was with him and decided to give Froggy a Kiss! Froggy was so scared that he lept over all of his friends and landed on a door step. He didn't get to say his lines that he had been practicing for Halloween either. Luckily, he was not hurt, but decided to go home. What Froggy didn't know was that there was a whole in his bag and on the way home he lost all of his candy. Froggy's mom still had some treat left over that the other kids did not eat. Can you guess what they were? They were Chocolate coverd flies!!

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why do you think that Froggy was so scared when Frolina kissed him?
2. Which costum do you think that Froggy should have worn? Did you like the one he chose?

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