All about Zoo Animals!

This page was designed for Mrs.Sheffield's first and fourth grade class at Moulton Branch Elementary School by Latisha Rector, a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher

1) Interested in learning about Pink Flamingo's . This interesting site gives background information and general  facts about pink flamingo's.

2)  Have you ever wondered how many Chimpanzees exsist in the wild chimp population? Visit this site to find out and learn other interesting facts.

3) Bears are unique and curious animals. Come to this site to learn more information about different types of bears and their distinction from one another.

4) Would you like to learn more about zebras? Come to this site to see and learn about the different species of Zebras.

5) Snakes are very interesting and sometimes  dangerous animals.  This great website list the history and brief descriptions of snakes from all around the world.

6) Would you like to know what a giraffe is? Where it lives? Come to this web site to find out and learn more interesting facts about giraffes.

7) Did you know that panda bears only live in six small areas located in China. Come to this website to find out other interesting facts about panda bears.

8) Have you ever wanted to learn the history of elephants? Learn this and more interesting facts on elephants.

9) Turtles are very unique reptiles. To learn more about their history, habitat, and other interesting information, visit this helpful website.

  10) Ostrichis the common name for a large flightless bird found only in Africa. Come to this website for more information on these unique and rare birds.

         Scenario Activity

Hello, boys and girls.  The employees of Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia  are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring our annual  "favorite animal" essay contest. You must submit a 50-75 word essay(typed) telling about your favorite animal, why you chose this animal and what you like best about that animal. You must also draw a picture of your favorite animal to go along with your essay. Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners. Essays must be submitted to Wild Adventures theme park by November 15, 2001. Good Luck!
For more information see Topic Lesson Plan
Scanned Activity
In both pictures, Meredith and Justin were asked to discuss their favorite animal, why they chose that animal, and what they liked best about the animal. Meredith response was that her favorite animal was the ostrich because it had a long neck, and pretty colors. She also said they were tall and beautiful animals and you can ride on them. I think she did an excellent job of drawing the ostrich and typing the essay. Besides asking about the spelling of certain words, Meredith really didn't ask any questions. She asked if I could print her out two copies of her essay because she wanted to take the other essay home so she could draw another picture. Justin's response to the question was that his favorite animal was a tiger. He said that he liked the orange and black skin of the tiger and that when he goes to the zoo with his family, the first animal he loves to visit is the tiger. Like MEredith, Justin really just asked questions about the spelling of words. I think he drew an excellent picture and he was excited to find out that I would be publishing his picture on the internet.


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